About Our Care.

Our treatment approach is designed to meet the holistic needs of the individual. We recognize that addiction and mental health needs do not occur independently, and often individuals need assistance in all areas of their lives to become well. Our services are:

Trauma Responsive

We provide a safe, supportive and healing environment inteded to avoid or minimize trauma triggers and re-traumatization. Our treatment settings are intended to be a safe haven for those that have experienced trauma.

Person Centered

We walk side-by-side with those we serve as they progress through their recovery journey. We recognize the person as the expert in their recovery and encourage, empower and support their vision for recovery.

Gender Specific

Our services are designed specifically for women, addressing the distinctive medical, psychological, social, spiritual, familial, financial and occupational needs of women.

Recovery Focused

We believe that each person’s recovery is as unique as they are and we build on the individual’s strength and resiliency. Recovery is a personal journey, rather than a set outcome, and one that involves developing hope, a secure base and sense of self, supportive relationships, social inclusion, coping skills and meaning.

Culturally Competent

We respect each person’s culture and incorporate cultural strengths, needs and preferences into their individualized treatment program. Culture may include characteristics such as race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, income level, education, geographical location or profession.


We work to stay informed and practice the most current models of treatment that have been shown to be effective in treating behavioral health disorders.

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